Shotgun on Ipad

Our client is using Ipad to review shots. For some reason he is unable to find the annotations toolbox on the page that opens.
We usually share the shots for review via playlist. Also when he opens playlists via his email if the browser is safari then it keeps buffering and doesn’t open.
What could be the solution to this?

Vrisshti Singh

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Hi @Vrisshti_Singh :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing in and let me try to help here.

  • Currently the Client Review Site does not have annotation capabilities on mobile browsers (phones, tablets). They can play the media back and type up Notes, but cannot draw on the frames. We are sorry that the review options on mobile devices are lacking, this is certainly an area that warrants further investment and the feedback is passed along to the product team.

  • And unfortunately Safari is the least reliable of the recommended browsers .

A note about Safari: annotations currently do not work in the Safari browser due to a limitation that is beyond our control. For the Client Review Site, Screening Room, and Overlay Player, we recommend using Chrome and Firefox instead for an optimal experience.

He could try Chrome browser and see if he has better success.

Hope it helps,

@Vrisshti_Singh you may want to consider investigating other review platforms. I am a big fan of Sg, but FrameIO has done a fantastic job at modernizing the review process. I am pretty sure that the interface they have in play is mobile compliant. Additionally, if you have the development chops and or work at a facility that has some developers they have some nice tools (we hooks) and some examples that would simplify integrating it to SG.


Client gives feedback verbally as he cant make annotations on his Ipad. This is a very big drawback of shotgun. Sorry to say.

Hi @Vrisshti_Singh,

Thank you for the feedback and we are sorry for not having a better answer now.

You could submit the need for the feature directly to our product team over on our public roadmap .



I was under assumption that annotations are now working in Safari per this release from a few weeks ago:


That is indeed true - thanks for sharing that @Stephen, however that is in a regular desktop/laptop browser - iPad Safari is a different configuration so the updates might not work - it’s worth a try to check though if you are an iPad user!

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I came across this thread while trying to get ShotGrid running on a brand new 2021 12.9" iPad that was delivered yesterday. To have a tool I rely on everyday on location / on set not work with fast Apple silicon, is just pretty disappointing. I would imagine if this worked as expected, quite a few film/TV crews would adopt this hardware to run ShotGrid.

So far I’ve tried the latest versions of these browsers for iPadOS:
• Safari
• Chrome
• Edge
• Firefox
• Opera
• DuckDuckGo

The only two browsers that will even connect with ShotGrid for me are Safari and Firefox. The rest come up with a blank, black page. Neither Safari nor Firefox will play back video. I get the message, “Preparing Media…” with a spinning SG logo and video does not appear.

I suspect a codec may be missing from the iPad to run whatever video ShotGrid is trying to display?

I’d hate to return the iPad. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering, but this may be a show stopper for me.

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It’s not the iPad. It just doesn’t work properly.

I need to submit my notes to the client review website from my iPad but that page doesn’t load at all either.

The app doesn’t send to it, and doesn’t let you reply to previous notes. It does play clips just fine, which means the web versions could too.

It’s super frustrating.

Wondering if there is an update to this topic? We have clients that would love to review on their iPad while traveling. Currently they need to take screenshots and re-upload these. Here’s what my experience is:
I’m able to load up the overlay player using a standard playlist (non-client review). From here I can annotate using my magic keyboard, but the apple pencil does not work. I’m able to make dots by tapping with the pencil, but i’m unable to draw lines. using the trackpad, I can make lines, but this isn’t ideal.
When loading the playlist via the client review site, the thumbnail plays like a video (it’s not a video) and i’m unable to access the annotation tools. This is my experience with both Safari and Chrome.

Isn’t there a native IOS app for SG Review?

Ricardo! Thank you! I didn’t know this was working yet! How cool!! I’m wondering if it’s possible to do client reviews on the app… seems like you need to log in with an internal account in order for this to work. Still, it’s a big step forward for iOS!

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