Upload media: quick photo from mobile phone?

I’m working on a stop-motion project
the very many assets we create are usually not just computer files that can be easily uploaded, but real things that we build.
We need to document and share the progress of the making using shotgun.

Is there a quick and easy way to take a picture with a mobile phone and instantly upload it to shotgun (a bit like like adding a photo to a messenger conversation) ?


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Hi @fab. AFAIK, you can upload a photo from your phone as an attachment to a Note in the SG Review iOS app, but not sure there’s any great way to quickly create proper Versions from photos on your phone. I’m sure you could script a decent solution if you have some Python chops - create a watch folder in Dropbox that you save the image to, and have a script auto-create a Version out of any image that gets dropped there maybe? Someone smarter than me can probably figure out an even better programmatic approach. :slight_smile:

You should Submit an Idea on the roadmap site though!

Thanks Tommy!

I had a look at the SG review IOS app and yes I can very easily point and shoot something and send it to shotgun - that’s more or less what I wanted to do - but as you said I can only do that as a comment on an existing version, I did not find a way to create a new version.

I also found that if I browse Shotgun on an iphone using a regular browser (safari…) I can go to an asset, clic on ‘create a new version’ and then I have the choice to pick a photo from the album or shoot a new one. That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to do. But Shotgun in safari on an iphone screen… everything is so small, that’s a real pain.

Anyway thanks for your advices ! I may try to write a little IOS app using pythonista. or buy an ipad with a larger screen…


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