How do I upload batches of media into Shotgun?

Depending on how complex your data set is for each Version, there is a way to batch upload to suit your needs:

From Version page using `Add Version` and Importer

Click on the Add Version button and drag a batch of media files to the dialogue box - make sure the filename of the media matches the name you want the Version to be since the Version Name will take on the filename. Don’t fill out any other fields in the form unless you want that data to be on all Versions you are uploading. Click the Create Version button and it will process all the media files, transcoding them to be playable in SG.

To add any additional field data to your new Versions, create a spreadsheet with all of your media detail, being sure the Version Name matches the media filenames as above. Each piece of media has a line in the spreadsheet whose columns correspond to the fields contained in the Version entity. Go to a Version page and select “More > Import Versions”. Drag your spreadsheet in and follow the prompts. Use the Version Name field to map in your data.

Batch Create from the Media App

You can batch create Versions through the Media App, by dragging and dropping multiple movie files. Please find further info here:

Batch Create from Desktop App

You can also batch create Versions through the Desktop app, IF you've set this up. There's a standalone Publish app which allow you to publish multiple Versions at a time. Please find further info here:

Batch Upload via API

The other option is to batch upload via the API:

This is recommended if you have a lot of media to upload as well as developer support.

Further Python API reference docs that contain more info about batch creating/uploading: