Is there a way to a) Upload a .csv of Versions, b) Batch upload the media for those versions?

In the past I’ve made generous use of the REST API to fully automate all ShotGrid imports and uploads. But I’m looking at a project where full automation will not be an option, and they are using a more manual updating process involving importing .csv files.

The only way I currently know how to connect playable media to .csv-imported Versions lists is to manually drag and drop them individually. Is there a way to batch-upload Version media in a way that connects to the uploaded .csv file?

Not entirely sure who or what is generating these csv’s since that in itself seems very inneficient.

I would say creating just a tiny custom hook to the standalone publisher would solve your issue.
Import your csv’s and then make the publisher search for a version with the same name and upload to that?

Or use the Publisher to import the csv and media files alltogether?

I dont know your use case and don’t know whats making you have to import csv files, but sometimes its better to look at the time spent making everything work with your “old way” of working vs time spent

@Ricardo_Musch Thanks for the quick reply.

Use case: I’m just consulting for a team that’s been using FMP to track their VFX, intends to continue using it, but has vendors who are using ShotGrid, so FMP is the where the data is based and they want to push subsets of their full list to ShotGrid.

If I stay with the team, I’ll build the automation using SG’s API, and all will be right with the world. But at the moment they are going with the FMP-To-SG-using-CSV approach.

I haven’t gotten into the standalone Publisher or its automation ability. But if it involves webhooks, they’re not going to do it themselves, and we’re back to me proposing an API-based solution.

The no-code fantasy version I was imagining in my head might have gone something like this:

  • Include a filename field in the FMP-generated Version .csv that gets uploaded.
  • Upload all the version media with those matching names to some fantasy upload portal.
  • The name-match between the .csv listings and the uploaded therefore happens automatically.

The Standalone publisher would be pretty basic python hooks that run locally inside toolkit.
I would propose building a plugin that can auto-match to shotgrid versions based on a name and do some auto-linking.

That is the easiest/quickest bang for buck method I can see unless they want to go with a full suite of Vendor delivery tools that GPL offers.


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