Preserving File Codec on Upload from ShotGrid Create

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Our studio would like to be able to preserve codecs on upload from ShotGrid Create. Currently when we upload, the software converts versions to MJPEGs which we can’t really use. To workaround this we have been uploading via the Media page through the browser, but we’d really like to utilize the convenience of SG Create.

If this isn’t possible, can anyone provide us with some tips on how better to manage our pipeline so that when editorial receives a Client review link, they also have downloadable DNxHDs?

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I really do not have any experience with ShotGrid Create.
I suppose the transcoding that happens is the same as when you upload a movie to a version through the api. As far as I know, you cannot disable the transcoding (they do it to trim their storage, too), but really the SG guys should chip in. Maybe they have a magic switch to disable transcoding for specific clients.
In our pipeline, hq videos are kept on disk, and sg only references them by file path.

I think there is some confusion on your end about how to use ShotGrid for this part of your pipeline.

I believe ShotGrid Create does, like @mmoshev says, upload the existing media to ShotGrid via api.
Your ShotGrid site will then transcode that media to MP4 format so it’s playable in the browser.

The original uploaded file is kept in the sg_uploaded_movie field.
If you download the source file this will be the original uploaded file, not the transcoded mp4.

Whatever your workflow is, you should pipeline that on local disk so you create the files according to the specs you need.
Anything uploaded to shotgrid for review will get transcoded to MP4 for playback in the browser.

This can be turned off by sg support (diy transcoding) or by uploading directly to the sg_uploaded_movie_mp4 field of the version.
But again, that needs to be a mp4 playable by a browser.

If you need your client to download the original uploaded files (in this case dnxhd) they should be able to download them from the client review playlist.

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Hi @Ricardo_Musch thanks for your reply!

The problem I’m having is that when I upload to ShotGrid from SG create specifically, the uploaded movie files end up being MJPEGs. So when I download those, they aren’t .mp4s or the original uploaded file.

Curious to know if this is by design in SG create or something strange happening on my end…

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Probably by design, but I wonder if the behavior can be overridden.

Ah, yes that may be by design.
SG Create users RV’s core as far as I know so I guess it does a transcode under the hood.

Could you instead use the Publish app?
That will upload your original file and let SG transcode it for web playback.

Thanks @Ricardo_Musch I’ll experiment with the publish app!

@Guillaume @jing.liu is there any way to turn off the transcoding for ShotGrid create? We can’t really use the MJPEGS. We want to take advantage of the status-based UI for My Tasks and My Reviews within SG create — the whole Upcoming Active and Done thing is very simple and useful. But being able to upload DNxHDs the same way we do in SG browser is essential.

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