Accessing Still Images and Videos Remotely in Shotgun


I would like to ask some questions regarding uploading and accessing still images/videos in Shotgun.

We are currently developing Shotgun in-house pipeline. A NAS is being used as temporary main storage and using Windows PCs and Macs as a workstation.

When uploading images or videos, transcoding is disabled to upload without losing the quality of the image.

What we want to do is to access the shotgun from outside and watch the uploaded images or videos through streaming while utilizing the review/commentary function.

And when playing media, we would like to play images or videos on the web-based player as well as RV.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can give us some advice in terms of the equipment and configuration we need and required in-house tool development.

Thank you.


Thanks for the question! To clarify, are you uploading content to your Shotgun site via the method described in the DIY Transcoding documentation? If so, you should have web playable media for your Versions which can be accessed/played wherever you have web access. RV can also play back the web streamable formats, if that is your preferred review environment.

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Thank you for your reply!

Auto Transcoding is currently being disabled and DIY Transcoding has been set.

We did test converting a video utilizing FFmpeg with options provided in the Shotgun support page and uploaded the video, but we were still unable to stream the video through the Overlay Player, neither local nor outside of the studio.

Here is the exact command we have used when converting the video:
ffmpeg -i .%04d.tiff -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -g 30 -b:v 2000k -vprofile high -bf 0 -f mp4 .mp4

We did omitted "-vf ‘scale=trunc((a* oh)/2) 2:720’" option since our ffmpeg Windows binary kept gave us an error from the option, telling me that the filter “scale” does not exist:
[AVFilterGraph @ 000002a9d0dff380] No such filter: 'scale=trunc((a
oh)/2) *2:720’

Despite the colorspace issue, the binary generated the mp4 file as expected, and we then uploaded the video through RV Player Shotgun Submit Tool and Shotgun Desktop Publish Tool.
The video has successfully been submitted as a new version and RV playback works, but no success with Overlay Player. The player simply displays ‘No web playable media available’.
The page allows us to download the video file through the Amazon server it seems. However, to utilize all the useful reviewing and feedback sharing features in Shotgun, we would like to be able to use Overlay Player.

Also, I would like to ask for further explanation about the “Shotgun’s transcoder generates MP4 and WebM” part in the document since I am a bit confused about the “field” and the “UI” that are being mentioned in the document. It would be really helpful if we can hear what exact “field” and “UI” we are discussing here.

Thank you.

As part of your request to support to disable transcoding, we should have also exposed the two fields on the Version record which store the resultant transcoded media. Those fields are sg_uploaded_movie_mp4 and sg_uploaded_movie_webm (for each respective media format). If you still have that support ticket open, ask whoever is helping to expose those fields for you.

With automatic transcoding off, all the default tools like the Publisher or the Submit Tool will no longer produce web playable media for you. You need to upload the transcoded output you’ve produced directly to the aforementioned fields (depending on which format you’re using). The players read from those fields when playing back material, while the “Uploaded Movie” field serves as storage for the original source media when the regular transcoding services are enabled.

Let me know if that helps clarify things and gets things working for you.