How to batch upload image sequences to Shotgrid Shots

Hi all,

We have occasion to upload a number of different image sequences to an equal number of different Shots in a Project on Shotgrid. At the moment someone manually opens each sequence in RV and uses the submission tool to turn that into a movie and upload to Shotgrid for review (and which minely fills out Path to frames/movie etc etc) one after the other.

Is there an easier way to do this for a batch of shots? Some kind of API or some other sensible way to do this? As at the moment that can take a lot of a persons time if they are dealing with a load of shots and need to regularly upload them all.

Thanks very much.

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Hi Jon,

the easiest approach would be to use the oolkit Publisher and alter it a bit so it can auto-match your media to the shots you need the media to link to.

Then it could auto-copy the files into a structured path and also generate previews with something like ffmpeg.

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