Way to upload the version of the entire shot at once

Hi, I’m a freshman who just used shotgrid. :joy:
I’m finally going to use shots, is there any way to upload the version of the entire shot at once?
The method of submitting with shotgrid create or RV looks like you can only upload one shot each.

For your information, we need to get a full shot from another company and update it, so there is no individual task for each shot.

Waiting for your answer, I won’t move here! :crazy_face: :rock:

You can create a new version by Clicking on the Add Version button on the Versions page. There you can drag the version file to create a new version. You can also link the version to the Shot under the link field

You can keep doing that everytime you get a new version of the shot and you will the list of them under the shot detail page