Paste images into Shotgrid!

It would be awesome to paste images into the Shotgrid notes/comments etc. The saving out of daily multiple images, then uploading is extremely time consuming. Jira and other softwares does this, and it is super timesaving.


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Hi dav3punk,

This should work.
When creating a note, click on the attachment button. After that you can just past your printscreen.



interesting. Where is that for creating a new version?

Why do Notes and Versions have different features?

  • Versions have annotation, but cannot paste in multiple images.
  • Notes, Can paste in multiple images, but cant annotate them (?)
    The ui/ux is inconsistent here.

There’s an option in the Site Preferences to choose which UI Versions use, that might enable the same functionality you are after.

Oh? This is interesting. I will look into this. However it is strange that I have a choice, especially when I don’t even know there is a choice. Odd…

Can you copy and paste this option you are speaking of? I cannot seem to find it. Thank you.

Should be under the Advanced section a few options down (removed those for the screenshot):

The “Yes” option might give you what you are after.

Thank you for sending. This did not work, as it is intended for Entity Creation, not Version/Comment UI.

I understand this. However, it is not what I am looking for. I just want to paste directly into the note. Not click multiple buttons, upload, etc. This is too many clicks and a cumbersome process for teams who have todo this hundreds of times per day. Too much overhead. Jira has this functionality, Shotgrid should too.