Paste image on clipboard as a Version

Hi team,

I know you guys doing hard work to improve Shotgun Create and its UX.
Thanks for that as a Shotgun user.

I have a feature request about registering a version via Shotgun Create.
I know you guys already implemented screenshot functionality in Shotgun Create and it works really great. But many reviewers and artists already have their favorite screen capture tools.

Shotgun Create would be much more useful if they can paste their clipboard image as a new version. Honestly, I hope kind of canvas functionality which is paste multiple clipboard images in a single canvas like Power Point and rearrange those images on it.

I would be appreciate if you consider this.
Please let me know if you more details of explanation about my request.



Hey @JT_Park and thanks for the feedback!

Someone from the Create team may chime in here if they have follow up questions, but I wanted to give a heads up on feature requests and how we track the with a separate tool and portal. Details can be found here or you can directly submit ideas here.


I used encourage artists to do “mini dailies” or iterations on a daily during the day by making Note-replies with screen grabs.

I know you’re wanting a completely new Version each time the artist posts a new screengrab, but you might like to consider your workflow a little differently: your artist can just create a Note entity with that image attachment (sort of like a mini-daily), and this new Note (or even a reply-to-Note) can be linked to a Version (or the Asset or Shot.)

Sort of baby-steps that are tracked thru Notes (and then hopefully leading up to a full new Version.)