Latest Create Release: Build #2019.07.098 - July 25, 2019

Build #2019.07.098 - July 25, 2019


  • Screen capture and recording is now available for Mac in Shotgun Create when creating a Version (previously only available on Windows), allowing you to quickly grab content from your creative app or game engine, and begin discussing your work, without leaving Create. [VMR-2388]
  • Screen Record workflow improvements. [VMR-509]
  • Performance improvement in My Reviews. [VMR-2410]
  • Continued improvements to the download performance of the Create installer. [VMR-2380]
  • Empty states are now providing more help on how to get data into My Tasks and My Reviews. [VMR-2144]
  • Performance improvements during playback of media with annotations. [SGC-1158]

Fixed bugs

  • It’s now possible to change the status of a version even if the version currently has no status. [VMR-2220]
  • Text-only reviews no longer create a thumbnail. [VMR-1767]
  • Notes now have a description in Create when they are not linked to any Version. [VMR-2401]
  • The More menu on Task cards in My Tasks now only appears when you hover over the card. [VMR-2353]
  • Short names on task cards now do not have spaces in their names removed. [VMR-1774]
  • Cancelling a draft while in Compare mode doesn’t reset the view to Single any more. [VMR-1980]
  • Media submitted to Create now correctly populates Path to Frames (along with Path to Movie, with the proper permissions) for file sequences, and Path to Movie for movie files. [VMR-1617]
  • It’s now possible to annotate files at Version creation with a name starting with a very high number. [VMR-1712]
  • Navigation using hotkeys is now working between notes created in Compare mode. [VMR-1971]
  • Notes with annotated frames now always upload the file to the server. [VMR-2383]
  • The FPS value is now properly read from media uploaded to Shotgun. [SGC-1200]

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