New build available ! Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2020.02.030 - February 13, 2020)

Build #2020.02.026 - February 12, 2020


  • [Player] Apple ProRes and DNxHR are now supported in Create. [VMR-2651]
  • [Player] Variable frame rate is now supported in Create. [VMR-2844]
  • [Player] Improved performances when loading media in draft mode. [VMR-2841]
  • [Send for Review] Send for Review introduces a new workflow between Maya/Photoshop and Shotgun Create. You can now send playblast or image as a draft to Shotgun Create, which put Create in version draft mode, where you can submit a review. [VMR-2289]
    For more info, please refer to Shotgun Integration 1.3 Release Notes
  • [Screen Record] Visual improvements to the Screen Record UI. [VMR-2624]

Fixed bugs

  • [General] Disabled users show as “Retired user” in Create, as if they have been retired or trashed. [VMR-2706]
  • [General] SGC_NETWORK_PROXY setting is not applied to the login page. [VMR-2889]
  • [My Tasks] Task with no project will stop Create from loading. [VMR-2774]
  • [Player] Top and right hand panel flyouts very aggressive, makes it difficult to click the full screen toggle. [VMR-2798]
  • [Player] Creating a new version in an empty task makes the Timeline unusable. [VMR-2784]
  • [Player] Player randomly shows a black screen when loading media. [VMR-2853]
  • [Player] File sequence parsing can make the application crash. [VMR-2893]
  • [Player] When Player controls are hidden, player control hotkeys are not working anymore. [VMR-2830]
  • [Player] Player’s spinner appears too often if no playback has been performed.[VMR-2920]
  • [Player] Enable/Disable loop during playback stops it. [VMR-2778]
  • [Screen Record] Single click on selecting region breaks Record or Capture flows. [VMR-2381]

Full Release Notes for all Create releases can always be found at:


Build #2020.02.030 - February 13, 2020

Fixed bug

  • [General] Fix a crash on startup when connecting to new version of Shotgun. [VMR-2970]
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Hi there,

I’ve updated to the latest and have been trying to upload a ProRes 422LT .mov file via SG Create but it keeps coming up with the error that the file cannot be uploaded.

Does any one have such issues or solution for this?

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Hi Nic!

If you’re still having the issue, could you send a ticket to with logs attached and steps to reproduce the issue so we can take a look? :slight_smile:

Another question: While trying to upload from Create can you see the images in the player prior to uploading? Or is it just at uploading time that you get the error?


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Hi Matthew,

We have paused using shotgun create at the moment, we’ve checked the video prior to uploading on Quicktime and it works fine. While trying to upload from Create we can’t see the images in the player and we get the error. Immediately after that we tried to upload via Shotgun Web and it uploaded just fine, but Create still didn’t like it.

We don’t have an error log from the shotgun Create app, just a message on the player screen saying that the file cannot be uploaded.

Many thanks,