New build available ! Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2020.02.062 - February 26, 2020)

Build #2020.02.062 - February 26, 2020


  • [General] If you’re looking at any view with ‘All Projects’ selected, we now specify on every card or row what project this item belongs to. [VMR-2563]

  • [Task View] New draft management dialog in Task View.[VMR-2517]
    You will now be asked if you want to Keep or Discard an in progress draft when you:

    • Click on another Version or Note in the Conversation

    • Use hotkeys to change the current Version or switches to a Note

    • Exit Task View when:

      • Clicking Back button
      • Exiting the application
      • “Open in Create” from the web changes the current View or Version

  • [Task View] New conversation stream design with a more compact layout and larger media previews. [VMR-2620]


  • [Toolkit] When you have an empty Task, you’ll have an easier option for opening this Task in the creative application of your choice, such as Maya. [VMR-2456]

  • [Toolkit] New “quick launch” button in the Task View navigation bar relaunches the previously launched creative application. Useful for opening an app like Maya as a reviewer to do technical analysis. [VMR-2456]

Fixed bugs

  • [Installation] Linux: Read permissions are now set for non-root users, so Create can read the library file on startup. [VMR-2979]
  • [Toolkit] Toolkit actions no longer get the wrong context when using the recent menu items from different contexts. [VMR-2765]
  • [Toolkit] Toolkit will now remember which action you prefer per Task. [VMR-2456]

Full Release Notes for all Create releases can always be found at:


[Toolkit] Toolkit will now remember which action you prefer per Task. [VMR-2456]

This is not happening on linux and mac : (
At least not after reopening the app.

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Hey hi, @macbeth,

The message behind this release note entry was that previously, there was only one entry for the last actions. Someone starting Maya on an asset would see Maya on a non-related task because of the way the implementation was done.

Now, if you start Maya on a first task and Photoshop on another task, both tasks will have an entry in the app to hold the information of what was the previously launched tool in that context. That way, the first task will have a quick launch button for Maya and the second one for Photoshop.

Nothing has changed related to the commands are persisted, so no, it won’t stay after you close the app.

Sorry for the confusion,


Hi! Thanks a lot for the explanation.
I know I can add custom apps via launchapp or even the shotgun software GUI, but all these get added inside the “Open in…” menu.

Is there a way to pin a custom app outside of that menu? to the same level of “Add time log” ?

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Unfortunately no, you can’t. What would you want to put here? Is it other toolkit commands or arbitrary commands?


Hi thanks for your quick reply.

I just want to pin some custom apps at the very top, then all the other software (we have a lot) inside the open in menu …

  • Open latest comp version in RV
  • Open latest comp Nuke file
  • Custom Publish
  • Custom Send to farm

Basically use it as a Task Manager

But to be honest the real problem, is that it doesn’t remember the latest choice after reopening, if I could pin the latest 3 choices at the top even after restart that would be great.

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