New build available ! Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2020.11.004 - November 11, 2020)

Build #2020.11.004 - November 11, 2020


  • [Toolkit] Shotgun Create toolkit config is now up to date with the latest Shotgun Integration. This update includes the changes done from v1.3.12 to v1.3.15. You can refer to the toolkit release notes page for more precise information.

Fixed bugs

  • [General] The application no longer freezes for minutes when signing out.
  • [Conversation Stream] Many automatic scrolling issues are fixed in Conversation Stream:
    • Creating a new version
    • Creating a new note with annotations
    • Creating a new text only note and preventing the new note overlapping with the previous note
    • Entering a task scrolls to the latest created version or note

Full Release Notes for all Create releases can always be found here.