New build available ! Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2020.11.012 - November 26, 2020)

Build #2020.11.012 - November 26, 2020


  • [My Tasks] We have improved the My Tasks UI performance. The project search should be more responsive when there are a lot of tasks on the board.

Fixed bugs

  • [Conversation Stream] If the Conversation Stream contains a version from a deleted user, it now shows the stream properly.
  • [Player] Jog now properly respects the loop mode. The playback doesn’t restart from the beginning when reaching end of the timeline anymore when loop mode is set to OFF.
  • [Player] Playback in the playlist view no longer skips a segment when the versions have different frame rates.
  • [Toolkit] We have fixed an issue where our actions caching was being invalidated when application is launched with Python 3.

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