Multiple Screenshots in a Single Version


My lighting team takes multiple screenshots of their work each week on different assets they’ve worked on. Is there a way for them to upload multiple screenshots to a single version on each asset? At the moment, each screenshot they take creates its own version (e.g. if they upload 3 screenshots, Shotgun creates 3 different versions on the asset they’re uploading a version to).

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Hi @kjiandan

RV could help you. Using RV, you could create multiple files as single video clip or combine them into one image as a version.

Make sure you have enabled RV Submit Tool

Create multiple files as single video clip

Rename filename as image sequence. ver.001.jpg, ver.002.jpg …

If all good, start Submit Tool. (How to start is at the bottom of this reply.)

Combine multiple files into one image

If all good, start Submit Tool. (How to start is at the bottom of this reply.)

Launch RV Submit Tool

Submit through RV

Please let us know if you have any problem.




Hi @kjiandan,

Welcome to the community and Thanks for posting!

Adding to Loney’s, you need to notice that while you cheat by renaming the images with ####.jpg naming convention, make sure you have at least 5 images in the sequence. RV will not recognize less than 5 images as an image sequence even though they follow the naming conversation. You will see the error message if it’s less than 5.

If there are less than 5 images, you could drag/drop them into RV and then go to File->Export->Quicktime movie to convert images into a mov file and then either reload the mov into RV to submit with RV Submit Tool or manually upload from Web App.


Most of our artists take anywhere between 1 and 3 screenshots, but this is extremely useful and helpful seeing for our other teams, so thank you so much!


This worked perfectly and solved our issue! Thank you so much!