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Has anyone had any success or does anyone have any suggestions around publishing/version control tracking of storyboard sequences in Shotgun? Currently the files supplied by the storyboard artist are named around potential shots and panel numbers. It is an image sequence but not in the traditional sense of name.####.jpg.

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Hi @pata.

Thanks for posting!

It’s a bit tricky here trying to achieve this with Shotgun/RV default tools, as no matter you submit it with RV submit tool or SG desktop standalone publish, the tools will detect each image of the sequence as separate version and upload them one by one as a new version.

Withe the sequential naming conversation, tools will detect them as image sequence, and submit them as a whole to a new version. Is it possible to rename the storyboard images?

Not sure if any workaround bypassing it with scripting or coding. Leave it here for more wisdom.

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Hi @pata – to add a bit to @Ben_xzj’s response, he’s correct that by default, you can’t publish multiple files as a single publish item, unless they are a traditionally named image sequence. If you drag in a folder that contains an image sequence, it will publish the sequence. But if you drag in a folder whose files have arbitrary names, it will warn you that no image sequences were found and do nothing.

If you wanted to go the customization route, the Publisher is highly customizable, and it’s the collector hook that contains the logic for determining what items are available for publishing. You could modify it so that it handles a folder of arbitrary .jpg files as a single item. The method that contains that logic is collect_folder(), and it’s called here:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.



Maybe try to modify tk-multi-publish2 to recognize if files in folder have similiar names, for example starting with shot name,if yes push list of them into publisher. Maybe as diffrent item type than seqence? And write own publisher and version uploader for that. And it should work.


Thanks everyone for the replies/suggestions. I shall customise the publisher and see what I can come up with.