Name for publishes - Best practice


Are there any best practices when it comes to the name for things that are published to Shotgun? I mean, the actual field called name and not code, which essentially is what we see in the loader app, shotgun panels etc.

For us it’s a bit all over the place when it comes to if the file extension is included in the name of the publish or not for example. I doubled checked with tk-config-default2 to see if I had made some strange decisions along the way to cause this inconsistency, but in the default config, a published script is called scene.nk while the published exr:s are called just scene.


Since we already have a published file type for each publish, I would guess that we don’t really need the file extension in the name field, to me that would look cleaner, but are there any downsides to this?

This of course goes out to everything, Maya scenes, published alembics, published plates and so on… It’s not a super big deal, but it would be nice to know what the preferred way of doing this is and why.



I have stripped the file extension of our versions (but I’ve made a custom publisher which doesn’t so much care about the templates).

I guess one of the industry standard ways of doing it is:


Something along those lines.
I generally keep the underscores in the version name as some of my tools search for info in shotgun with underscores.


I’ve logged an internal polish ticket for this. I agree the rendered image sequence should be consistent with the scene files in terms of naming.