Loader - Published files not grouping correctly

Hi Team,

I’ve been noticing that some of our published files appear ungrouped in our shotgun loader:

As you can see, these three published files are publishes on the same maya scene, only with the version being updated. Is there a clear reason I’m not seeing why those are not being grouped as one published file, with the different version being available on the right side, like this one?:


All publishes on Shotgun have this same name?

Oh! I think that might be it yeah, it seems our naming of published files varies from one published file to another. I’ll try to tidy this up a bit and see if that works!


I bet that this is it. Couple of times my publishers works in same way like in your case. And always it was caused by varing names, “Published file name” (code field) can vary, but “name” (name field), must be same. And remember about version number field!


Sometimes the app has a bug and show several versions of a same publish. Clicking on the older version will still show all the published versions in the detail pannel.

eg: you can see

Changing to another entity and then coming back to the entity you want seems to clean the UI.

It mostly seems to happens when several people published the different versions.

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Thank you Kemot, it was really the issue we were facing. I ended up cleaning up all of our publish processes to use a “version less” string inside of our published files Name field and that did the trick!

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I’m glad I could help :slight_smile: