Published and work files versions seem to clash in tk-multi-workfiles2

Hi there!

I’m seeing an issue where the File Open dialog is showing work and publish versions of the same name incorrectly. I would expect the publish and work files to be shown separately, even if they have the same file name (but different paths). The work and publish areas looks like this:


But the File Open dialog looks like this:


And if I just isolate the Working files through the tab at the top, it still shows me a published file:


And then, if I open the published file from the Working tab, it asks to work from the published file or work from the older working file. That’s fine, but then when I open the file and try to use File Save, it takes a couple of seconds to decide what version it should suggest as the next one, and eventually settles on v004 (whereas there is only v001 in the work area, so I would have expected v002).

The two path templates at play here look like this:

        definition: '@asset_root/{Step}/source/maya/{Asset}_{Step}_{name}_v{version}.ma'
        root_name: 'secondary'
        definition: '@asset_root/{Step}/{username}/maya/scenes/{Asset}_{Step}_{name}_v{version}.ma'
        root_name: 'primary'

So I’m just wondering why the working files don’t show up as separate in the File Open dialog (they seem to be considered the same as the published file if the name matches) and also why the File Save dialog is considering the published files in it’s suggestion for the next version?

I hope this all makes sense. Let me know if there’s anything I can clarify. Also, apologies for all the messy redactions - NDAs and all that!

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Hi Rob

First off, I agree that the presentation of the files here can be a bit confusing.
That said I think it is working as intended.

It groups the working and published files together if they share same template key values. In this case the work file and publish share the same context, name and version.
Even if you are viewing just work files it is saying that there was a publish of this workfiles as well as indicated by the yellow stacked squares icon.

As for the version up behaviour, the approach taken by the apps is that workfiles and publishes version together (ie consider both publish and workfile versions when picking the next version).

So you could go:

It is unusual to have versions without a accompanying work file existing, but there certainly are scenarios where that can happen. For example when files are published in from outside of the integrations, or if you have a script automatically processing and generating publishes, or you’ve cleared out old working files. But usually the process is that a user will work away creating work version, and then publish once they reach a milestone and are ready to share their work.

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