Publish grouping / bulk load


I wonder how do you deal with published stuff that is somehow related to each other, such as AOVs of a rendered layer or texture channels of one asset ???

My goal is to represent them as one grouped item in the Loader, I would say it would be much more readable and easier to load them all at once.

For example, if a texture artist publishes textures for an asset like
color, normal, displacement I would like to see them as one grouped “folder” in Loader as v1 and import them as a whole. No one wants to select them one by one?

What is your approach?

Thank you

Add a a ‘parent’ publishedFile field. Create a new publishedFileType for each package type you need.
When publishing a render create a single package published file and then set it as the parent of all the, for example, aovs.

Thank you @Patrick, what field type Parent field should be? Text or rather Entity(PublishedFile)?

yea It’s just a PublishedFile entity field. The idea being that you can create a parent publishedFile that contains child publishedFiles.
You can even created nested structures this way.
It’s probably the most straight forward approach.
You could alternatively use a new custom entity for the packages, but then that wouldn’t necessarily play nicely with the Loader and other apps.

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Got it. I’ll try it. Thank you