Filter by Software on Loader?

Hi, just a quick shot for Shotgun/ShotGrid/Flow…
There is a way to filter, on the Loader, the files by the Dcc that published the file?
On the filters of the Loader there is no field.

I’m not even sure the Software is recorded by default. I think we had to extend the publish logic for this.
But in theory the published file type should be sufficient - after all you care about the form, not how it was created (i.e. duck typing)

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Thanks @mmoshev
But if we have two cameras (abc) published, like from Blender and Maya , into the same pipeline step, there is no way to diferenciate. Only by the number version, stats or if we change the name of the templates, making a specify name for every software.
Thanks anyway

Hmm that’s more of a nomenclature issue, I think. I’m sure there is some detail about the camera that you can add to the name, e.g. camera-witness or camera-crane1.
Obviously I don’t know anything about your setup.

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It shouldnt technically matter what the camera came from.
you should aim to make sure that if you publish a Published File Type that it has an internal spec of what that should be.

i.e. if your published File Type is called Alembic Camera then you should endeavour that it holds an .abc file with a camera inside at a specific scale.
Or you should introduce more logic to register where it came from.

Then in the Loader you could query this extra info to make decisions on how to import said file.

In my opinion it would only clutter the UI and make no sense to the user if you would have:

Maya Alembic Camera, Blender Alembic Camera etc…

The purpose of interchange formats is to get rid of the software dependency, not to create extra clutter.

Totally agree @Ricardo_Musch about the interchange.
The issue is, if we publish two versions of the camera In Blender and two in Maya or Cinema…, when you are in Houdini/Nuke on the Loader, you need to now if is the camera from Maya or Blender… Because maybe is scaled, repo, animated… All are under the same Published File Type ABC/Camera. The only options is changing the name of the publish for every software or change the Published File Type, destroying the UI as you said.
We will try leave the mouse, over the file in the Loader, and see the path that is showing, to see the software path, insted of changing name publish templates or Publish file types.

You should save some more metadata on the Published File itself.
For example you could create a scale field or a metadata field and store the information in there.

Then in the loader you could take over the logic that imports the Published file and check those metadata or scale fields to apply the correct import logic.