Shotgun Substance Painter Integration


I’m currently trying to update the shotgun substance painter integration to load in .Fbx files published out of Maya.
I can’t seem to get the loader to find the fbx files published to that task seems to only see texture files and video files.
Any help on where to maybe look would be great

Thank you,


Hi David

Welcome to the forums, and great question!

The integration is not provided by us, so I can’t say if there is a specific issue with this engine that is preventing it from working. However this a question I see now and again about the Loader and other file types, so I suspect this is a case of making sure it’s configured correctly.

I would say this section of the pipeline tutorial would be a good place to start, if you want to see an example of how to add a different file type.

You need to make sure you have defined action mappings for the PublishedFileType to the action you want it to be able to perform.
And if the available actions can’t handle fbx importing then, you will need to write your own custom action that can do that.

Hope that helps?