Tk-multi-loader2 : Display extra info in on a published item?


Is it possible to adjust (or add to) the information that’s displayed on a published item when viewed in the loader?

In the area where you have the publish name, followed by the version and the task in brackets.
Is it possible add extra info there?

Could I use the filter_publishes hook to adjust the “name” field before returning it back?
Edit: I’ve tried this an it works with a basic test, but is this ideal? :slight_smile:

I’m specifically wanting to add data stored in a custom field.
As with our current setup, we’re publishing to a Task, but want to have another custom entity which links it to a specific “Type” in that task.

So for example, we have task: “Texture” and we have a custom entity field called “Publish Type” where the entry is “Displacement”, also “Bump”, “Spec” etc.
Meaning we can have specific publishes to Texture of types Displacement, Bump, Spec etc.

I’m also not 100% sure this is the correct way of setting setting this all up (publishing wise), so if there’s a better please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!



Hi Jake,

I’m seeing two parts to your topic.

  1. What the ideal way to adjust the display name of an item in the loader to add information?
  2. What’s the ideal way to model a publishe’s type in the Shotgun data model?

I’m going to have to consult on #1.

Regarding #2, I’m curious to know why you opted for a custom entity vs. a list field. Usually I recommend custom entities when that “thing” is a container for more data, like a Shot has fields which contain metadata about the Shot. In this case, it feels like the publish type is metadata about the published file and wouldn’t really contain any extra metadata about the type itself.

Maybe you have use cases for this being a custom entity but with the little information provided at this point in the conversation I probably would have opted for a list field. Unfortunately you can’t contextualize the possible list values for the type field base on what’s in the task field (so bump is only available if the task is a Texture task) but that’s also true of an entity field with a custom entity.


Hi Jake,

concerning #1

That’s not what the hook was designed for but from a look at the code a colleague had, we’re only using that hook’s results to generate the UI so it should be safe to use if it’s giving you what you need.

We don’t have a formal way of modifying the displayed info for items in the loader so I’d encourage you to submit your idea to our product team.


Thanks for the reply bouchep!

To be honest, I went with a custom entity simply because it was the first thing that came to mind with my limited experience with shotgun so far. The field list is an interesting one that I hadn’t thought of, seems much cleaner, so thanks for that suggestion!

For the UI, that’s good to know, I’ll keep using this hook method for now, submit the idea for that.

Thanks again!

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Hello @bouchep I was wondering if it was possible to add the “shots” field from an Asset into the loader. Basically, when displaying an Asset in the Loader it would be nice to see the shots that are linked to that Asset as well.

Not sure that field can be exposed by default.
But its certainly possible by forking the loader code and adding it yourself.