Loader grouping assets under a parent asset

I have some assets I’m trying to group in the loader ui.
If I have the hierarchy use the parent field to do the grouping any assets where the field is blank no longer show up.

Can I have those assets just use themselves automatically if its blank or do I need to set all of the entities to list themselves as their own parent to get them to show up?

- caption: Assets
    entity_type: Asset
    - [project, is, "{context.project}"]
    - ["sg_status_list", "is_not", 'omt']
    hierarchy: [sg_parent_asset, code]

Hi @jhultgre,

Thanks for posting in the community. Apologize we missed yours for some reason.

It took us a while to circle with the team and unfortunately there is no way to use themselves automatically if the Parent Asset field is blank. You have to set the asset as its own parent or easier approach is to set an undefined value to get them all displayed in one place.

Sorry again that we kept you for so long for an unpleasant answer. Feel free to follow the post below and submit it as a feature request to our product team.