Nested Assets

Hello, community!

I’m setting up a shotgun instance for our established 3D workflow. This incudes SubAssets and SubSubAssets and so on. On the 3D department side there is a custom tailored tool, which manages the projects, but we are about to switch to shotgun, which forces me to implement same functionality in shotgun.

I’ve added a custom field - “parent” for Asset entities (where one can link to a parent asset). Is there a way to use this field, to build the templates? My idea was to make use of optional fields in the templates.yml. The syntax is rather simple, so I’ve hacked something like “asset_root: globalAssets/{Step}/[{Asset.parent}__]{Asset}”. SG complains about a mismatch between the tamplates.yml and my folder schema.
Is the idea of nested assets possible at all? And if so, what’s the proper way to define the correct folder schema for such an approach?

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