File Syetem Config - Add Folder that's a parent to 'assets'

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up my file-system configuration so that assets are stored within a parent folder called “General elements”

I have created the schema correctly, because when I select +new file in the shotgun file open dialogue, the folders for each asset are created correctly, but I get a mismatch error.

So far I have changed only the following in templates.yml:

asset_root: GENERAL_ELEMENTS/assets/customentity01/{sg_asset_type}/{Asset}/{Step}

I assume I need to make further changes, but I’m not sure which. Can you point me in the right direction please?
N.B the customentity01 is a set, as per the filesystem config tutorial


Hey David! Welcome to the forums :blush:

First off, just a heads-up that I moved your post to the #pipeline category, so the right eyes see it.

Secondly, what you’ve done sounds right from what you’ve described. As a general rule, it’s important for your schema and template paths to stay in step with one another. We reference @asset_root in all templates that share that path in the Default Config, so you should just need to change it in that one place and you should be good to go.

So, I suspect there’s just an error in your changes if something still doesn’t match up. I’d want to look at your config to debug that further. To share that privately, please send an email to, attaching a zip of the config/ folder of your Pipeline Configuration, and referencing the URL of this post. Thanks!

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Thanks for helping!
My ticket is here:
Request #110449
All the best

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