How to create and use sub assets


I am wanting to great sub assets in shotgun for assets that are kit-bashed together. So if we are making a house I want assign it out as a whole as house 01 but be able to list out each component as a sub asset such as wall 01 , roof 01 etc.

I don’t want to create the sub assets (each component) on the main assets page. Would I need to create a separate sub assets page? As I want to be able to list them all in the sub assets field on the main assets page.

Is this possible and if so could you please point me in the right direction of some easy to understand tutorials etc.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @enola,

Thanks for posting idea in the community. Yes, it is possible.

First, you could enable a custom project entity in site preference. IE, the name is my subasset. You could enable Tasks on this entity as highlighted in the image.

Second, create a mult-entity field in Asset entity. Link the field to my subasset entity.


Now, you could mange sub-asset in different entity and show both main asset and sub-asset in the same page.



There are also a default pair of fields (Parent Asset, Sub Assets) on the Asset entity if you want to track a parent/child relationship strictly between Asset entities instead of Assets and another entity:

So depending on your needs, you have a couple of options :).

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Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the help.