Tracking entities made up of assets?

Hi! New SG user here. We’re using SG to track animation/cinematic production at our studio and a few newb questions came up for me.

In our production, the hierarchy is:


To this, we’re developing assets that are meant to be used across entire scenes. However, the assets are part of a larger group, which are being tracked separately (let’s call them super-assets).

What I’d like to do is track the progress of these super-assets, with links on the scene page.

I’m still digging through docs & vids that explain SGs flows, so thanks for bearing with something that may have an obvious answer.

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Hey PoMo,

Welcome to the Shotgun community! :tada: : Thanks for dropping a line.

You should have an Assets Field on your Scenes entity where you can link Assets to Scenes:

If you’d like, you can also create custom Fields in cases where an out-of-the-box Field doesn’t exist that matches what you’re looking for.

If you want to categorize your “super Assets” differently than regular Assets, I’d recommend using an alternate Asset Field Type. You can customize your Asset Type Field by right clicking on the Field header from an Asset Page, and selecting Configure Field:

From there, you’ll get a dialogue box where you can add and organize your custom Types.

I hope that all helps, but give a shout if you need any additional assistance.



Thanks, Jessica - this helps a bunch!