Adding sg_episode field from Shot entity to Asset entity page

Hi does anyone know how to add sg_episode field from Shot entity to Asset entity page? Since in my production line, the sg_episode from Shot entity has the most updated data. Or can I just link the episode field to sg_episode?

Thanks a bunch!

Could you give us a bit more information?

What would you like to track?
Episodes related to your Asset?

Yes, I would like to show Episodes (field name: sg_episode) linked to the Asset from the Shot Entity. Not Episode (field name: episode) from the Asset Entity.

this would be done with a query field.

However you need to have a relationship somewhere between that asset and shots.
Are you linking shots to an asset?

Yes I have linked the shots to assets. However unable to add the Shot’s Episode field to the Asset Entity page.

Possibly the problem is that an Asset can be linked to many Shots, and so Shots would not be available as a Linked Field (must Link to a single entity to be available)
e.g. Project is available in Linked Fields for Asset since an asset can belong to only 1 project.