Linking Asset Publishes to Shot Publishes

Hi there,

I am relatively new to ShotGrid and I was wondering if it is possible to link all the publishes from an Asset that is currently linked to a Shot, and then be able to have the list of publishes from the Asset added to the list of publishes in the Shot.

My goal here is to try and get both Assets and Shot publishes to show in the same tab with the ‘loader’ tool and then to be able to filter it down from there if needed.

Many thanks.

Welcome to the ShotGrid forums Anthony!

Yeah that should totally be doable, you need to make sure that the Asset is linked/related to the Shot which should be a default field on the Asset level that you can populate.

Then, assuming you want to see this when looking at Shot:

  1. Go to the Publishes tab in the shot view
  2. Go to Filters
  3. Hover over the “Page Filter”, click on Edit
  4. You’ll then need to copy roughly what I have here as an example:

    4a. Change “All” to “Any” in the Find Published Files which match… line
    4b. Add a new line
  • Click where it says Link
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the list, find “Link”, then scroll to the bottom of the next list, find “Asset” then in that 3rd list find “Shots”
    4c. In the field which should say “Required” for you, just type Current Shot and it should autofill with something like “Current Shot (THE SHOT NAME/CODE)”
  1. Click Update, in theory that should show any Publish that relates to that Shot directly AND any publish which relates to any Asset which is linked to that given Shot… if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

Hi Matteo and thank you for getting back to me.

It seems to link all the publishes under the shot with the asset publishes included, but I was wondering if it would be possible to change the link field of the publishes to include both the shot & asset.

Essentially im trying to get both the shot + asset link field on the assets publish but I can’t seem to add multiple values to that field so I wasn’t sure if it is possible.

EDIT: What this would do is it would allow the ‘loader’ to then load the asset publish in the shot tab as thats where im assuming the loader is getting that information from.

Hi Anthony,

Ah right gotcha, unfortunately the primary ‘link’ for Published Files can only have one Entity in it.

You could make another field to add additional links but here’s the catch.
If you want to be able to link multiple entities i.e. multiple shots then you’ll need a ‘multi-entity’ field BUT that will only let you link one entity type.
So you’ll only be able to link multiple Shots or multiple Assets but not some Shots and some Assets in the same field.

The only way around it would be to make two fields on the Published Files entity/level:

  • “Related Shots” - Multi-entity field linked to Shots only
  • “Related Assets” - same as above but linked to Assets only

Hey there Matteo,

I believe this approach to the multi entity for both a shot and asset field seems very possible. I was able to take another approach and I figured out how to customise the shotgrid loader.yaml configuration so that I was able to make a completely separate loader window that would filter in only linked assets through its task step code link.

- caption: Assets

    entity_type: Asset


    - [project, is, "{context.project}"]

    - [shots, in, "{context.entity}"]

    hierarchy: [code]

  publish_filters: [["sg_status_list", "is_not", null], ["task.Task.step.Step.code", "is", "Rig"]]

Applying this above to a new loader setting will ensure that the loader specifically made for importing a rig will only show rig assets linked to the scene.

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