Asset and Sequence Filter

Hello everybody,

I`m new in this forum so I hope that my post will be correct :slight_smile:

I`m looking for a way to make a filter in SG with an association 1 to 1 between an asset and a sequence.
For exemple:
Sequence1 Asset1
Sequence1 Asset2
Sequence2 Asset1
Sequence3 Asset2
Right now I have a field Sequence in Asset (and a field Asset in Sequence) but inside the cell there is a list of elements.

Second question: is there an automatic way to connect assets, shots and sequences? If I know which assets are in a shot and which shots are in a sequence, can SG update the link ‘Asset-Sequence’?

Can you help me, please?



Hi @barbaraB,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting here!

To see the association of two entities, you have to expose the connection entities between, for example, asset and sequence, from the Site Preferences > Advanced > Enable List Pages for Connection Entity Types site preference. An example of Asset_Shot_Connection entity:

Check the doc here for more information.

To answer your second question, while linking an asset to a shot, even though the shot is associated to a sequence, Shotgun will not automatically fill in the Assets field on Sequences entity. You probably need to script a bit here and write an Shotgun event trigger. See the doc here.

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Thanks Ben_xzj! It`s very useful :slight_smile:

I still have a question though: I`m able to see the Asset_shot_Connection but when I go to

Site Preferences > Advanced > Enable List Pages for Connection Entity Types

and I try to create Asset Sequence connection I see a page with data that don`t belong to my database (even though I have filled the Multi entity in the Sequence page).

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Hi Barbara!

The Asset <-> Shot relationship is separate from the Asset <-> Sequence relationship, so updating one does not populate the other automatically. It sounds like you just want to link your Assets to Shots, and then be able to see a roll-up at the Sequence level of all the Assets which appear in all the Shots which belong to that Sequence, is that correct?

If the answer is “yes”, you can accomplish this by tweaking the filter on your Sequence detail page, Assets tab like this:

This way, the tab will display any Assets linked directly to the Sequence, OR any Assets, linked to Shots, linked to this Sequence. Let us know if that gets you the sort of visibility you’re after!