Entity for Shot Sequence - Copy / Paste Text and Autodetect Entity

Hey Everyone, So here’s my issue ( maybe something someone knows about )

I have my Asset Entities (3D objects ) created ( in this example lets say p_ball , p_sword, p_shield ) and they’re viewable and I can link to them when I need to type them in the 3D assets of my shot -. No problem.

On a google spreadsheet I have my shot breakdown and import the spreadsheet data into Shotgrid and it breaks my shots down perfectly, but I have to type in the 3D prop names into the 3D assets manually so that it connects to the 3D asset entity ( p_ball for instance ) .

I already have the prop list per shot written on a spreadsheet and I dont want to retype in and re-tag all that data, could I not just copy and paste the list seperated by commas or some other format so it autofills and autodetects the entities when pasted in and automatically sets that ? Just wanting to streamline my process a bit, from now on I’ll be entering all the data in shotgrid, but I dont want all this previous data to go to waste. Thank you