Camera Entity issue and Onset Data

Hi Guys,

I’m just starting to set up our Onset data workflow to link Slates and Takes to Scans/shots. I’ve found a thread about using the slates entity which i’ve made visible and they suggested making the camera entity visible too. I’ve done this but it won’t let me view it. I can’t create a page for it as i get a blank error (white box appears saying " says " and then nothing underneath.) When i try and link cameras to the slates entity it doesn’t appear in the list of options.

Does anyone know the best way to set up Slates and Takes for standard VFX and TV work?

Also - am i right in thinking i need to make a custom entity for takes?


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You could use the Takes (mocap) entity for takes and potentially just rename it.

As for the blank error, did you enable the detail page for the camera entity under the site entity settings?

Yeap i’ve enabled the detail page but it still doesn’t show up.
I think we’re going to use the Slates entity and adapt it to our needs.
Thanks so much for replying

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Hi Rosie,

For what it’s worth, I just had exactly this same issue and was struggling to find any documentation on why.

For me, the answer was that Camera as an entity was Hidden in my Project Tracking Settings. Restoring to my project solved the problem. Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.