On Set Data - Shotgun

How are people recording their shoot data in terms of recording elements such as clean plate / Greenscreen elements on the day of shoot… as Tasks related to Assets or Elements? And linked to slates / camera info…?
Obviously this is before you have shot number allocations etc
I see there is a recent post regarding camera data and slates and think there should be a few more tutorials / out of the box set ups for this kind of thing…
Any insights?


Hi Craig,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the community.

As we all know Shotgun is a customizable platform for studios with various needs to customize it and fit in their production workflow. If you go to admin menu->Entities, you could find Camera and Elements entity, as well as other hidden entities, even custom entities available for you to use. Enable these hidden or custom entities according to your needs.

Let’s take Elements as an example. You could consider elements as a type of asset, and manage them on Assets entity page. Or to better manage FX shooting elements than digital assets, you might prefer to enable Elements entity and use it to manage shooting elements. If you would like to have tasks/versions associated with Elements entity, make sure you have the following options checked.

To link elements to slates/camera info, you could add a custom entity field on Elements entity page to link them up.

Here is an example of tracking Mocap on Shotgun, which might offer some insights.

Let us know if anything confusing.