On Set Data - Takes

I’m customizing pages for on set data acquisition and want to start by using existing Entities. Looks like I’ll have to create a custom entity for Takes, but I wanted to check if I’m doing something wrong first:

I can find “Takes” under “default layouts.” I used this page to import test data and saved it to my project. The page saved successfully, but doesn’t appear anywhere in the menu. I also can’t create navigation under the design settings (it’s greyed out).

Theres also a “Takes (mocap)” entity under site preferences. It’s enabled, but I can find it anywhere in my page menu.

Any thoughts/advice for someone who hasn’t previously tracked shoot data in SG?

Hi @monika

Just wondering how you solved this - i’m doing the same thing at the moment and wondered what workflow you went for?


Make sure the entity you want to display is enabled/not hidden for the project in the Project Tracking settings.