I enabled an entity on my site, but can't find it in my project

We sometimes get asked the question “I enabled a custom entity on my site, but it doesn’t seem to appear in my project”


The first time you enable an entity on your Shotgun site, it will become available in all of your projects across your site.

So for example, if I enable CustomEntity40 from my Site Preference

Then it will appear in the Other dropdown of your project navigation bar.



If this custom entity was enabled previously, or a custom entity has been repurposed, you may find that the entity does not appear in this list

In most cases, this is because the entitiy was hidden from that project in the past, so you’ll want to make it visible again. To do this, go into your Projects Tracking Settings.

You’ll want to check under the Hidden section to see if your entity is hidden in that project. From there, you can reveal it in your project by pressing the + icon. Alternatively you can hide it from that project by pressing the - icon next to the entities name.

So to recap, entities are enabled at a site level, but you also have the ability to hide entities on a per-project basis, so make sure you check the tracking settings if you can’t seem to find an enabled entity.

Happy Friday!