New entities not appearing on the same page as other entities

Hello. I recently enabled two custom entities, Custom Entity02 and Custom Entity03. Custom Entity02 works normally - If I create a new record, it shows up on the list. On Custom Entity03, I get the confirmation that the new entry was created (with the Undo option), but nothing is listed. I have no filters applied on either entity, and changing the number of records does not make a difference. There is no vertical scroll bar, so I am not too far down on the page. I have compared both pages, and they have the same settings as far as I can tell. Neither page has had a lot of modifications, aside from some renaming and additional columns added (mostly to Custom Entity02). I did a quick test with Custom Entity04, and it looks like I will get the same disappearing entry result. I am pretty sure I am missing something obvious, but I have been looking for clues (here and elsewhere) and am stuck. If you have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hi @Ken,

Thanks for reaching us and sorry for the problem. What is the URL? We could help to check.




Hi @Ken

Andrew from support jumping in here, hopefully, I can explain what is happening here.

As a rule of thumb, each page in Shotgun can only display records of one entity type (there are exceptions to this such as canvas pages and linked fields, but we’ll ignore those for now).

You’ll notice that whenever you create a new page it Shotgun, it asks you to choose what entity type to use. This is where you specify, what entities do I want to display on this page.


So lets say for example I’m looking at a page of shots. On this page, I can only see shots. Even though I can technically create an asset from this page, it will not show up here because I am viewing shots.

Lets look at the example below, I start out on a shots page, which shows me all my shots. Then, using the create button in the top right, I am able to create an asset, however once it is created I need to navigate to my assets page in order to see it. This is because shots and assets cannot be viewed on the same page. The below video shows this example in action

So, in your specific case, because CustomEntity02 is its own entity, if you want to see CustomEntity03 records, you’ll need to navigate to a page of CustomEntity03 entities.

You can find these pages in the * Other* dropdowns of your project navigation bar.

Hope that helps to clarify, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.