How can you create AssetShotConnections?


I came across this quick guide

and also this forum post

At 0:23 in the video the Asset Shot Connections entities are covered.
On our shotgrid website I cannot find any such entity.

I also looked in Site Preferences > Entities thinking it was an entity that has to be enabled first.

How are AssetShotConnection entities created or enabled ?

Hi @sogrday

You don’t need to enable anything in your site preferences for this. Its just part of multi-entity links.

First thing is to check that you do or do not have a shot/asset connection already setup.
If you are on your Assets page in list view, and you click on the fields box, do you see a “Shots” option?

If yes, then you should be good to go. Click on an asset to go to the details page for that assets.

Next question, you should see a list of tabs (Activity, Asset Info, Tasks, Versions, etc). I’m guessing you are missing a “Shots” tab since I don’t think SG includes this in their default templates?

  • To add one, click on the white page icon in the upper right corner and select “Design Page”.
  • In design mode, hit the “+ New Tab” option, enter a name of “Shots” (or whatever you think is appropriate) and choose the type “Shots”.
  • You should now see a Shots tab added to your list of tabs. If so, save the page.
  • Now in that shots tab, you can click on the fields button and you’ll find the “Asset-Specific Fields” section where you can add which ever fields you need.

I’m going based on a few assumptions here. Let me know if you hit any walls and I’ll elaborate more based on what happens.



also, I forgot to mention that if you want that list view of the connection entity items (you mentioned the 0:23 second mark in that video)

You need enable that in your site preferences.

  • Go to the Advanced section
  • Find the option “Enable List Pages for Connection Entity Types”
  • Add “AssetShotConnection”
  • Hit Save
  • It should then appear in the Other tab on your project

Hey @PeteHart.

Great thanks.

Was not aware that AssetShotConnection was a custom entity that had to be created first.

Thank you !