Filter with AssetShotConnection Entities


I’m using an AssetShotConnection field to describe whether or not the linked asset is “in camera” or not.


But I can’t figure out how to use this in filters on asset list pages. The shot-specific fields don’t show in the filter browser. For example, I want a tab that shows in -camera assets, and another tab that shows not in-camera assets. Production also need to know which assets are in-camera across a sequence to prioritise asset build.

Can this be done?

Hey Luke,

You can’t filter for fields on the AssetShotConnection from either a Shot or Asset list page. When you’re on a Shot page where each Shot is linked to 5 Assets a piece, Shotgun wouldn’t know which of the 5 connections-per-Shot data to show.

What you can do is go to the Site Prefs > Advanced > Enable List Pages on Connection Entities. Input AssetShotConnection into the text box there and save your changes. Then, go back to your Project and in your “Other” menu in the Project Nav you’ll see a new page for AssetShotConnections. On this page you could then group by either the Asset, or Shot, and filter/display the results you need that way. Let us know how it works for you!

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Hi Brandon

Thanks, using AssetShotConnection entity pages seems like the only way to go to display the assets that are in-camera for a given shot, which I think is what production here are in need of

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