Grouping assets by sequence and shots leads to lot of duplicates

So I have a bunch of assets, and some of them of course are used by more than one sequence/shot, which I tried to advance group by sequence>shots. This leads to all the shots the asset is used previous in a sequence/shot being listed again under the next sequence they are used in, leading to a huge mess of in the view. Is there anything I could do to prevent the previous shots the asset was used in from showing up again and again under each later sequence?

You’re asking for the impossible here. If you want things grouped by shot, then it’s going to create duplicates. If it didn’t, then you would no longer be being presented assets grouped by shot.
What you could do is use tags, or a custom entity to create groupings that you can limit to a 1-to-many (not many-to-many) relationship.

Yea I was kinda afraid that’s how it is going to be with how the things are setup, and just hoping maybe there is some trick or setting I missed. Thanks for the confirmation, first time I’m using shotgrid.

It sounds like you need a breakdown of Shots <-> Assets which you already have but also a “First Appears In” field, which would also need to be updated per Asset. Ideally this links to a single entity and then you’d get the view you are after, though this is all manual tracking and data entry.