Linking/Referencing Shot to Multiple Sequences

Working on sports graphics packages with shots that are re-used in other sequences is a challenge to track. For example, say we create a 3-shot sequence, then re-use shot01 from that sequence in other sequences in an edit/comp. What is a good way to track that in ShotGrid so it’s fairly easy to follow the bread crumbs? So we know what is the source shot/sequence and what is the target shot/sequence.


Parent Shot & Sub Shots should do the trick?
These fields are inbuild fields of the Shot entity.

Thanks for the reply, Ricardo, this is helpful. What would be really useful is how to filter this information. How could you filter so that you can easily see what all the sub shots are of a given parent shot?

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific about where/what type of view you are after.

The Parent Shot/Sub Shots field can be viewed on a Shot’s detail page (or added to the top detail overview) or included in the visible fields in your Shots page.

In your Shots page you could set up a view that only lists these types of shots and group them by parent for example.