Linking a task to multiple shots


Is there a way to link a single task to multiple shots? I feel like this may be a silly question, but when I try append a new shot to the link field it just overwrites the old entry.

It looks like a multiple entry field but just doesn’t allow me to add to it.

I’m fully prepared for this being a silly oversight on my part. :confused:


I don’t think you can link a task to multiple entities.
Unless you can right click and change the field properties to accept multiple entities.


Hi Raveen,

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Ricardo is correct, the default Link field on a task is a multi type, single link entity field and is not able to be changed as there are some core functions which rely on it.

One option is to create an additional multi-entity link field to track multiple shot links, but this would be for tracking only.

What is the use case for having a task linked to multiple Shots? Maybe we could help with a workaround if you let us know what the requirements for it are?

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Hi David and Ricardo,

Thank you so much for your responses!

Ah, yes, so what I’d like to do is assign a single task, but assign it to multiple shots, because the task would be created as one long animation, and the shots will be the cuts of it.

I wanted to avoid having three separate tasks that are technically the same thing, if that makes sense?

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One approach you might consider is having a separate Shot record representing the combined animation work, then linking all the Shots that will use pieces of that animation to the master Shot using the Parent Shots / Sub Shots fields. You could also create a specific Type for a combined master Shot like this, so it is very clear it should not be included in the cut. You could also create fields on the connection entity to define exactly which frames of the Parent Shot would be used in each Sub Shot.

This way you would really only need the Sub Shot-specific Tasks represented on each Sub Shot, and all the Tasks being actioned on the entire animation range could live on the Parent. Does that make sense?