How can I see a sum of all the time logged for Tasks on each individual Shot?

The Time Logged field on Tasks shows me a sum of all the Time Logs for that Task. Is there a way to roll that up for all Tasks to the Shot level?


There certainly is, Brandon! And may I say you’re looking dapper today?

You can accomplish this with a query field on your Shot entity. It requires a little “deep linking” to accomplish, so let’s dive in. The query condition looks like this for the field:

Link > Task > Link, what the heck is that?? Seeing the full traversal will help with the explanation:

We’re navigating through the Link field on the Time Log entity, which is linked to a Task, then we’re looking at the Link field on Tasks, for all Tasks linked to the Current Shot. Through these associations we can drill through to find all Time Logs linked to Tasks linked to our current Shot. The end result looks like this on your Shots page:

To top it all off, you can turn on sums on the Shots page to see the aggregate of that field across all of your Shots.

I hope that helps you more easily roll up information!