Timelog Tracking from Shot or Asset

I’ve heard other studios (or specific projects) want to track hours on a Shot or Asset level instead of a Task level. It sounds like others could make use of the same information so I thought I’d make a forum post about it. If you are doing it that way, you’ll want to set up the TimeLog entity to it capture time from a those entities.

Keep in mind that to enter in TimeLogs from a Shot or Asset, users will have to do it from TimeLog page.

To set up the ability to log time from a Shot or Asset, you’ll want to go to the TimeLog entity page, and right click on the Link field. This field tells us what a TimeLog is allowed to linked, or associated, with. By default, we link to Tasks and Tickets. If you want to add Shots and Assets to the mix, click the boxes for those entities. Keep in mind that these settings are site wide, not project specific.

Next, go to your Shot or Asset page and create a query field. The query should look something like this:

That should give you the sum of everything logged to the Shot or Shot’s linked Task. To enter in time, a user can click the number in the new column.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.29.31 PM

A TimeLog window will pop up showing a list of all TimeLogs returned by your query. You can just click on the Add Time Log button to enter a new time.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.34.09 PM

If you want the same for Asset, create another query field on that entity… The query field settings are site wide as well, not project specific, however, if you want the field to only show up per project, you can do that with Project Tracking Settings.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have further questions :slight_smile:


Hi Batch,

I have artists logging time per task on a given asset. How do I get a Sum of all those time logs per asset?

Can Shotgun to add them together so I can compare them to the bid? Our bid is broken down per asset. This is what I need to calculate my actuals.



Hi, Jessica:

Just skip the steps for updating the Time Log entity to link directly to a Shot or Asset and you have the steps for Summing up your Time Logs!

You’ll want to alter the query here and only do it for the first line that says Link > Task > Link is Current Shot. It’s a one time setup so once you have it going for Shots and Assets, you won’t need to do it again (unless it for a different entity type).

Let me know if anything is still unclear :slight_smile:


It worked like a charm. Thanks Tram!


Hey Tram,
Apologies for getting your name wrong. I have no idea where my brain was in that moment.