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Within Shotgun, looking for insight on how companies track bid hours vs actual artist hours. Hopefully, this does not include third party software but built into Shotgun.


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Welcome to our forums! Thanks for asking the question. We have a documentation article that talks about how Shotgun uses the Timelog entity, out of the box. You can check it out here:


In short, an artist can manually log in time to a Task. We aggregate that in a field on the Task entity called Time Logged. We compare this with the Bid Days field in another field called Time Logged - % of Bid and Time Logged - Over/Under Bid. These are all out of the box functions of Shotgun and only require time logs to be input. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your reply and info, quite helpful. By the way, our studio works/tracks in hours rather than days. Is there a way to change the measurement default from days to hours?

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So glad it was helpful! Yes, you can change your default time. You’ll need to be a Shotgun Admin. Head to Site Preferences in the Admin Menu:

Then, expand the Scheduling section and change the dropdown for Default unit for duration fields from days to hours. And voila! Note that we convert all time into minutes in our database. The UI converts it back to whatever you set your preferences to. What that means is that no matter what value you enter in, we will convert if for you so you see things the way you prefer. So say you have a field where you have entered in 1 day as the value and you have your workday set to 8 hours a day. When you change from using days to hours, all values in Shotgun will display 8 hours instead. You won’t need to adjust for that. Also, regardless of what unit of time you choose, you can enter in the data however you want and Shotgun will do the conversion. Using the example above and you have converted your site to default to hours. If you enter 2 days into a field, it will auto-convert that to 16 hours.

Hope that clarifies how it works! Let us know if you need more details here :slight_smile:

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