Track time between Status Change

Is there a way to track the time taken for a status to go from Ready to Start to Complete if an artist is not manually tracking their time?

History keeps track of status changes, is there a way to gather data from this?


Hi Laura,

First of all welcome.
We did look into this as well. We were able to achieve it by adding a custom data field in SG and then work with the event daemon setup we already had in place.

See some interesting information here:

We stopped using this as our artist/compers often work on multiple shots at the same time causing the numbers to be very off. (Average shot time ±1h)

This was our setup:

  1. If Trigger: Old Status is “In progress” → Calculate difference with current and custom time field “Start progress”. + Create a timelog on the task with the above calculated time .
  2. If Trigger: New Status is “In progress” → Time code pushed to the custom time field “Start progress” on the task.

Note: Make sure it runs both 1 and 2 in that order. Else you will have issues when an artist puts the status from “In progress” to “In progress”…

Hope this helped a bit, Greetings,

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