Using Event Summary Page to Track my Artists Daily Work

I built out a page that sniffs the Event Summary Page, I have each of my departments as a filter, as well as each artist.

It allows me to see live up to date when tasks are marked complete, which will give me a real-time look if they are hitting their quotas.

As well as tracking Revision Requests, to see what their percentage of submissions need more work.

And finally, a category to track how many of their tasks were marked final, which gives me the metric of how many of their total complete tasks were approved and finalled out.

I will need to figure out how to get this to display properly in a graph form, but right now using the filters and column summary provides me the data needed.


Hi @Shane_Davis and welcome to the forum!

Sounds like a handy page you’ve setup—thanks for sharing!

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Welcome to the forums, Shane - nice use of Event Logs. Couple of quick pointers on this workflow:

  • We only retain Event Logs for a set period of time (default is 6 months) more info here
  • Out of all entities, Event logs contain the most records (by a long way!) so your page may take a while to load, should you introduce an inefficient filter.
  • If you’re wanting to see Statuses over time, we now have a specific graph for that: The Status History Graph - check that out, as it might be another useful way for you to keep track of when things are approved.

Happy Shotgunning!


Related to this, we set up something to help. We added a custom Date field on our tasks, and set up a trigger that automatically sets the date when the task’s status gets marked “complete”. Since that’s then a discrete field that can be filtered by, we use it for grouping tasks in graph views.


To add to what you are doing…
When a artist marks their task “In Progress”, it will change the start date to that current date, and when the task gets marked final, it will change the end date. I initially set the start and end dates that I have set in SmartSheets. But at the end of production, I can get the average duration of the start task and final end task, to see average task duration, to bid for the next production a bit better.


Thanks Man, this will be my next weeks education and building. I started on a graph and got a bit lost, this should help me out.