Graph Widget with approvals on the timeline

Hi everybody,

I don`t know if is possible to have a widget showing all the approved shots (connected to a particular task, example: animation) over the time.
I try to explain better.
In Shots I have a custom field “Shot Duration”: ({sg_cut_out} - {sg_cut_in} + 1)/24
and I would like to do this in my widget:

Thanks for your help,



Hi @barbaraB,

Nice to see you back! If I understand correctly, you should be able to accomplish what you want using a Status History Graph widget.

Example from my site:

  1. Graph Style: I like “Area” for this, but you can choose what you like best
  2. Entity Type: Here we use “Shot” as you are wanting to know Approved Shots over time, and not Tasks
  3. Status Field: Status is the only option since it’s a Status History Graph
  4. Mode: We have History or Burndown to choose from. History will show you the progression of all Shot Statuses over time, and Burndown will show Shot Status progress towards Final over time ie: how much work is left to do. I’ve chosen “History” so you can see the inclusion of the “Final” status in the graph, but you can do whatever visual makes most sense to you.
  5. of: Choose your Shot Duration calculated field here
  6. Active Filters - This is where you can specify only Shots that contain a completed Animation Task. As mentioned, you don’t need to include the Status filter if that is irrelevant to whether or not a Shot is approved, but I would assumed since the Shot is approved, the Animation task status would be Complete.

Note: Anytime you create a filter where the filter needs to parse through text such as “Task Name is [Animation]” it can slow down the loading of that page or graph. Text searches are more cumbersome, but this may only become problematic when you are searching through thousands of tasks. Generally, you should be ok, but something to keep in mind for efficiency sake.

Let me know if that is helpful or if you have any further questions!



Thanks Beth for your clear explication.
I tried but I don’t know why, the behavior of the Status History Graph widget is erratic for me. For example I cannot change the time range of this widget, and since the animation on the feature film has started in january and still going on, I cannot have a global view of the project.
I`m very frustrated with this problem.