Anyone know a way that I could set up a "Status History" page or set of fields? Status History widget is not giving me what I need

I’m trying to set up a way to view the history of all status changes for a given shot. What I would like to ideally see is a list type view of the information you get from the “Activity” tab, where you see the whole history of the shot including publishes, notes, and status changes. I’d like to be able to see a spreadsheet-like list of all status changes that a shot has gone through with dates/times right next to that. I’ve tried setting up custom fields using queries on the “Shots” page, tried creating filters in the “History” page of shots, but I can’t seem to find the magic formula to put a view like this together. Could I somehow set up rules on a new custom page? The “Activity” page has the information I need, but clicking into the shot and scrolling through the history doesn’t give me a good overview of how shots have changed at a glance. And the Status History widget, in following the guide to set this up from the Shotgun website, only shows a history for changes to ALL the shots at a given point in the graph, and it doesn’t show who made the status change, as far as I can tell. It’s too broad of a view. To simplify what I’m getting at, imagine there was a page similar to “History”, but it was set up to show all the status changes as a list with different columns of metadata like date modified, artist, etc.

Hope this makes sense, new Shotgun user here!

Hi @pacosta ,

Not sure you have seen it or not, there is Event Log Entries entities on each project, which logs all the change happening on this project. You need to play with the filter and sort out what updates you care about.

See below is an example from my site, which filtrates out all updates linked to shots in the last 300 days.

Hope it helps you with your case.

Hey Ben, thanks a lot, this seems to be working for now. I went to the Event Log Entries page, set up a filter for the episode, shot code and status, and then customized the columns from there, so now I see a list of all status updates and associated notes with those status changes. Exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t aware that Event Log Entries existed, so really appreciate you mentioning that!

Glad I helped. Have fun shotgunning!